Our Story

Formed in 2021 by industry veterans we've worked in cloud and api management for decades. We've experienced first hand the challenges that all companies face when it comes to their interaction with technology, the scaling of their business and how that impacts their ability to perform and drive revenue.

We are removing the pain of being reliant on development and infrastructure teams and allowing business owners to quickly build, scale and grow their products. We are doing this with a new and modern API platform that simplifies, automates, transacts and visualizes API products and frameworks that the Enterprise uses today. By tying our capabilities into the success of our customers and partners products we are enabling the API Economy.

Your success is our success...HyperCurrent

Our values

Our core values guide everything we do as a people and a company. At HyperCurrent we inspire each other through these values: Trust, Customer Success, Innovation and Stewardship

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Customer Success

Our customers success is our success.  Everything we do is aligned to build our customers business and strategic capabilities. We focus on doing what is right for the customer at all times.


We focus on solving real problems for our customers in a fashion which enables and drives their success.

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We are commited to building succesful relationships with our customers, employees, and partners. Our customers depend on us to perform and enable them to grow

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We are stewards of the earth and have a core responsibility to care for it as well as it's inhabitants.