Effortless API Monetization at Scale

Monetize any API, Anywhere

Built from the ground up with the needs of the Enterprise in mind, HyperCurrent’s platform allows product owners to build and manage API-backed products without reliance on engineering teams.

Simple, yet powerful features

Advanced Metering

From size of payload to time of day to geography of the end user, use dozens of variables to customize the price charged for your products

Turnkey E-Commerce

Product managers can build & publish new monetized products for sale within your developer portal in minutes

SLA   Management

Define and measure performance of your digital product SLAs. Ensure that your customers receive the value they pay for.

Financial Analytics

Gain real-time insight into revenue and usage trends for your API product catalog.

Built for the enterprise

Financial Services

FinTech startups and traditional insurance & financial services institutions alike are rapidly expanding their suite of monetized APIs. Click below to learn more about the most commonly-monetized services & emerging trends in financial services.

Financial Services

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Life sciences companies, medical technology companies, payers, and providers are all rapidly developing use cases for monetizing the data & services behind their APIs. 

Hear what our amazing customers say

"Connecting the dots in healthcare"

Today, we are taking a step to solve some of these challenges with the launch of IQVIA’s first set of healthcare-tuned application programming interfaces, or APIs. provide instant access to healthcare-tuned NLP, answering crucial questions in healthcare and life sciences at the push of a button, and unlocking a richness to data that can empower your decision making.

Paul Milligan
Director, Product Strategy at IQVIA
"Let’s talk about API monetization"

In today’s business environment, with customer expectations changing at an unprecedented rate, more organizations are using APIs to expand their digital ecosystems to reach new customers. Although APIs are ubiquitous, capturing the value of an API in a business model and monetizing those APIs is not an easy task.

Peter Gorski
Sr. Director of Product at Mule
"Hyperautomation is no longer hype"

IQVIA took the wraps off of it's brand new API marketplace  (powered by MuleSoft and HyperCurrent) and a free-to-try set of APIs that unlock natural language processing (NLP) technology for healthcare and life sciences (HLS) enterprises to power a “step-change in insight generation, decision making, and innovation”.

Stephen Fishman
RVP at MuleSoft